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Thoughts on this, guys?


Antiques Web Show, Vol. 78

In honor of the events that are transpiring in Egypt right now, I’m posting up an album with an apt title. Here’s Sly & The Family Stone’s excellent 1971 album, There’s a Riot Goin’ On.

Learn Something Today

I find this interesting. I would try it but I’m in NYC and would probably make it 5 steps blindfolded before getting hit by a cab.

Penguin in Peru

Who knew Humbolt Penguins are running around the wild with personalities like house trained dogs?

I want to put this little guy in my pocket and take him around.

(via huff post)

Andy Warhol Polaroids

Andy Warhol’s polaroids are on display at Danziger Projects here in New York. Anyone down?

You can now port you number to Google Voice.

Google is always keepin’ it real. Oh yeah, and there’s free text messaging.

Oh, Das Racist…

Hilarious, drunken, bodega freestyle by the boys of Das Racist. Brought to you by Pitchfork TV.