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Summertime Beach Tunes

Remember MTV’s beach house? Actually maybe they still have it, but no way is it as good as it was in the 90s.

This wasn’t at the beach house, but it’s still a true gem: Billy Corgan (with hair) interviewing (9-year-old-Elizabeth’s favorite) D’Arcy! She was so damn cool.


Stoked on Summer.

A few favorites from an epic summertime imagery post by Secret Forts. Can’t help but share, they warm my summertime heart! Listen to this while you scroll.

And we’re back!

About a hundred beers, cigarettes and memories later, the gang is back. And not one jellyfish sting!

Home Alone.

While the rest of the Blogfwend crew is out on vaca, I’ll be holdin’ down the fort from a third island: Miami Beach. So if you read our blog because of the design and music posts… you might want to take a little vaca of your own till they get back on Tuesday.

Have fun on the island, Fwends! Take another pic to post, wouldya?

Blogfwends are on vacation!

So long, New York! We’re trading you in for another island. We’ll be back on Tuesday, after we kick off the beginning of summer right…

Actually…our vacation will look something more like this:

Enjoy the long weekend!

Happy fucking Friday.

My brain can only handle this right now.

If I could make all of you into a single person and date you…

We’d be this couple:

Hand on the ass…