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Lorem Ipsum Has Officially Evolved.

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Baconize your Lorem Ipsum:

Gangsta it up:





For some Blogfwends, I’m not sure it gets better than this.



…on your chances of cardiac arrest.


2 slices of Bacon, 2 slices of Monterrey jack cheese, zesty sauce, and Bread 2 original recipe chicken breasts

I love that KFC has just given up and said, “Fuck it! These are our people. This is our goddamn demographic!” God bless us, everyone.

Which fwend will be the first to double-down with me?

The most Americuh thing i’ve ever seen.

VIA Oelund at Reddit:

I’ve discovered a new way of cooking bacon. All you need is: bacon, tin foil, some string, and.. oh whats it called?… oh yeah, an old worn out 7.62mm machinegun that is about to be discarded, and about 200 rounds of ammunition.

You start by wrapping the barrel in tin foil. Then you wrap bacon around it, and tie it down with some string.

you then wrap some more tin foil around it, and once again tie it down with string.

It is now ready to be inserted into the cooking device. I ripped the tin foil a little bit getting the barrel inserted. that part of the bacon got severely burned by hot gasses.

After just a few short bursts you should be able to smell the wonderful aroma of bacon.

I gave this about 250 rounds. but I think around 150 might actually be enough. But then again I don’t mind when bacon is crispy. Ahh the smell of sizzling bacon mixed with the smell of gunpowder and weapon oil.

And the end result: Crispy delicious well done bacon.

Toss Your Cookies

Apparently after Christmas, this website requires that your body look more like Jesus than Santa.

No joke. has axed 5,000 members who appeared to pack on the pounds over the holidays.

I wonder how many of those people are crying tears on their pound cakes right now.

Read about it on

I went to their site (for a screen shot, I swear!) and luckily we can ALL take a peek, even if we’re fugly:

Bacon? Or Beer Can?

If you are looking to waste 2 seconds of your life and learn absolutely nothing, go to this site because it’s awesome.