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Mix: ORION: Jazz Anthology

I’ve been carefully crafting all my favorite jazz artists into one totally awesome jazz mix. Even if you don’t like jazz I think you may still enjoy it. I selected songs that were generally more accessible. I really hope you give it a shot. Get it here.


Mix: Trail Mix

Here is a country mix for ya’ll. The Cowboys losing has made me too depressed to do album artwork.

Mix: White Boy

A white boy’s hip hop anthology. The covers and album titles are really good so I left them on. You can add the artwork yourself if you’d like. Enjoy.

Mix: Electric Sounds, Vol. 1

My friend and Electronic music guru, John Dye made me an electronic music primer based on some of the electronic music I like. I’m sharing with you guys.

Mix: Dreadlock Holiday

Sorry, Elizabeth. Get it here.

Mix: Cusp

Happy Festivus!

Mix: Love

It’s a nice time of year when you hunker down and get close. So here‘s a mix about love.