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Mark it, Dude.



Tickets on sale Monday.

**update** – Bought my tickets to both the Festival at Terminal 5 and the 2nd night of the bowling party at Brooklyn Bowl (which will actually be open)!


Jen Stark at LMAK projects

It’s supposed to rain in the city tomorrow. Do something productive and check out Jen Stark‘s solo show at LMAK projects.



Make that, Dirty Tone Matrix

Wow. Well, that sure didn’t take long.

Just a few of the jpgs I’ve been ichatted in the last 30 seconds:

iChat Image(1849153935)

iChat Image(1984784377)

iChat Image(4000734230)

iChat Image(4250979727)

iChat Image(896030021)

iChat Image(2986431329)

Is that last one a penis?

Tone Matrix

Just go, and click on the grid.

Have fun!


Picture 53

Tanning never looked so… funny?

The funny man’s got a good idea! Looking like a lobster may be funny as hell, but it’s certainly not good for you. I really enjoy Sexy Hot Tan. I think All my fwends could have used some of Will’s help this past weekend, but until it comes in 6 or 8 it’s of no use to me!




P.S. I just Blosted. How does it sound in context?


Let the Battle for Lexicon Induction begin!


We had a discussion during the break about creating a word that means to make a post or update to a blog. These are the top contenders.

Feel free to add your own new choice for the battle.

mr. potato head


Picture 19Picture 18























“I chose the potato to portray the human face due to it’s many striking parallels.  Not only is their skin porous like ours but they also come in different colors, shapes and sizes.  Potato heads grow, sprout, age, then decay… but they refuse to go without a trace.”–Ginou Choueiri

Spot the bush!