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Happy Hangover Day!

Hungover Owls… they sympathize.


Tom Hanks is an animal.

He’s an amazing actor and now he’s a lot of animals.  Check it out T.Hanks.

P.S. Here’s what he thinks about it… such a great guy.

Heart Melt.

Puppy takes the most adorable bath. I could watch this all day. All day, I tell you!

Koala Reflections

We’ve all been known to sit down with an apple while we think back on our lives, and koalas are no different.


Penguin in Peru

Who knew Humbolt Penguins are running around the wild with personalities like house trained dogs?

I want to put this little guy in my pocket and take him around.

(via huff post)

Incase the emergency arises…

via Josh Kanter.

They’re Fwends!

Thanks to C.R. Bertrand.