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Andy Warhol Polaroids

Andy Warhol’s polaroids are on display at Danziger Projects here in New York. Anyone down?


This makes me laugh.

I know she’s thinking, “OMG I’m totally taking a pic with a monkey!” but I also know he’s thinking “HOLY SHIT, I’m gettin’ a picture with that crazy myspace bitch!”


Hello Fwends and fwends of fwends AND fwends of fwends of fwends,

I’m doing a bit of shameless promotion here. I’ve been working with some friends who are starting up a submission-based triannual publication. They are all photographers as well as curators, editors and photo editors.

Here’s an excerpt on what it’s all about:

We, as Trifecta, are a submission-based triannual publication. We curate a collection of multimedia works by diverse artists and offer a broad range of perspectives on a simple idea. Our intent is to create a contained archive for collectors. Think “treasure box.”

Trifecta manufactures each individual archive by hand. We design the inside of the book around what you submit. We strive to work with our artists to create something unique, so we ask participants to be creative with the presentation of your submission and challenge us.

Each issue has a theme, which can be interpreted in any way you see fit. 

They’re accepting submissions now on the theme ” BAMBOOZLED” and you can find the full brief at 

It would be a great project to get involved in if anyone is interested in doing some new work!

Erik Wåhlström

Beautiful work by photographer Erik Wåhlström. His videos for JC Jeans are gorgeous!

Via It’s Nice That

Magazines + Funny Folk

The Apiary ranks their 16 favorite magazine covers of the 2000’s. You should check them out because they are very cool.

(It is very odd typing/saying “of the two thousands”)

Cats—in a grid!

I’m a sucker for a good cat photo. Especially when they’re freaking out for no good reason. So, duh, I was completely entertained when my boss (okay- when one of my bosses) showed Kunks and I this…

Picture 1

Some of my favs include…




Below the surface


I am just totally amazed by these photos by Dustin Humphrey for a campaign called Dopamine for the Insight Clothing. So eery yet strangly playful at the same time. I don’t know how he did it, but they’re just gorgeous.

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