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MIB for Taco Bell!


Heart Melt.

Puppy takes the most adorable bath. I could watch this all day. All day, I tell you!

Undercover is back for the Holidays

A.V. Club Undercover is doing a holiday edition. 10 Bands, 10 Songs, 2 Rules: It has to be a cover and somehow holiday related. The first is The Walkmen covering Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road.” It’s adorable.

Introducing: The Security Pin

“SECURITY!™ is an 18k gold-plated sterling silver pin with white diamonds on the front and back of the piece. An opulent interpretation of the shoplifter’s worst enemy.”

Designed by artist Justin Gignac. Fabricated by Max Steiner Design.

Pretty cool idea, yeah? Attaboy, JG.

Halloween 2010!

Everyone post up their photos of their costumes and what you were dressed as:

Collin: Nepali

Daniella: Daria

Skunk! Thank you white duct tape. I’m kind of bummed you can’t see the full effect of the giant rat’s nest of hair I made on the top of my head.

It’s funny cuz its true. Womp.

My obsession with stationary, now in iPhone format

Now that the blog doesn’t look somewhat hideous anymore, I made a promise to a fwend (cough, cough, Collin) that I would blupdate more.

I’m going to start with something for the ladies. And lady iphone users, at that. If you’re like me- and obsessed with paper. And stationary. And pens. And pretty things. This app may be for you. I’m pretty pumped for it’s release mid-month. I’ve never been so excited for an app release date before. Nerd.

{via Design*Sponge}