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Workplace Tomfoolery

My coworker Julio Palmer, animated gif master, has been working on this all week in lieu of actually working. Well done, SP, well done.


Looks like somebody has a new desktop!


I have to say, the few times I’ve caught Late Night with Jimmy Fallon lately, I’ve been pretty pleasantly surprised. The show is definitely getting better! And a second installment of “Let Us Play With Your Look” featuring Zach Galifianakis certainly helps.

Also, yes, the Zach Galifianakis/Will Forte SNL promos this week are awesome. I suggest beginning every day by watching them. It’s your weekend!!!!

(Blogfwend flashback)

Life is good.

Fwends, I write this from home, nursing a cup of coffee, feeling better than ever. Listen to this mix with me, wont you?

And a big cheers to Sara and Katie on their last day of work. Funemployment for all who want it!

Hey Guys! We’re Startin’ a Meme!

So not too long ago I stumbled across the following image during my daily internettings, which had me in convulsive laughter:

Flash forward months later to today. I’m searching through stock photography to find a paintbrush, and lo and behold I find a series of photos who’s file names all begin with “creativeartistwhiteshirt_….jpg”. So in efforts to pay homage to the brilliant mind behind “HA HA! BUSINESS“, I created the following.

Now go home and make one of your very own, and post em here!


stuff your faces!

For your listening pleasure: classical music.

Today is a fun day at Johannes Leonardo, as our new work with WQXR, New York City’s only Classical Music radio station, and part of WNYC just came out!

The radio station was almost shut down before being bought up and saved by Public Radio International (thus saving Classical Music in NYC), so we did a little project to get the music even closer to New Yorkers, by way of We used banner space to create a streaming music player for WQXR that has been curated with music suited for each of the seven sections of the paper in which they’ll appear. Tailored classical music while you read the days news, what could be better?  The player appears on random articles, but so far I’ve seen it on today’s most popular article in the times, right here.

Picture 74

Nice little write up about it right here, too!