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These are not free.

























Awkward Stock Photos. People pay for these?!?!


real life



Check out this blog for images of human (and often animal) life caught on Google street view. It’s really incredible.

I went to school here.

And so did most of you…

FARMLAND! 1880! The site of Pratt Institute! Check out this and other old timey photos at Pratt’s flickr site (Ellie and I are doing it).

I sat outside for lunch today

And this is how I felt…

A Tip…

Need a good idea?

Throw on an Express Men sweater, clasp your hands together, elbows on the table, look up to your right, and think real hard:

“I look exactly like this right now…”

Gaga + Polaroid

“Lifestyle, music, art, fashion: I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer and to – as my father puts it – finally, have a real job.”


William Eggleston, one of my favorite photographers (and the man often credited for making the world take color photography seriously as an art form) is having a show at the Cheim & Read gallery here in NYC. What could be better than seeing 21st century works by Eggleston? The show is in tandem with rarely seen photography by Diane Arbus. Fwendtrip! A few favorites:

Also, an Eggleston photo is featured on the cover of the excellent forthcoming Spoon Album (due January 19th).