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Internet destruction

I have no idea what this is but I do know it’s awesome. Put on your headphones and click.


It proves what I’ve always thought about Lady Gaga…

Equivalent? Yeppers. Creepy? Totes. This is basically what I see when I see Lady Gaga doing anything.

What do you guys think? Smiley face or frowny face? God, I love foreign TV.

Qual é o seu Talento?

Googs gots support

Happy Olympics Day. 

Just think of all those athletes who have been training their whole lives just to blow out their knee right before the finish line… whaa whaa.

2012 Olympics Logo

I saw on facebook that someone joined the group “the 2012 Olympics logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving head” so naturally I decided to look into it.

It totally does:

Tim + Tim: Here and Elsewhere

I’m such a sucker for this kind of art. Tim Rehm and Tim Sürken created these charming billboards using phrases from email exchanges between them and their clients while freelancing at HORT. I think they would have made sense to anyone who has worked as a designer even if they hadn’t known the source of the expressions.

Like Tiny Living Airplanes

This video made me gasp out loud when I saw it.

To promote their exhibition stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Eichborn the publisher prepared 200 flies with an ultra light banner to fly around and help promote.

So smart, I wish I could have seen it in person.

(via Beautiful/Decay)

2009 Winter Inspiration

From the Charlie Le Mindu Autumn/Winter 09 Collection