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The Future of Fashion

This is a pretty remarkable fashion idea. It tracks what’s happening inside your body, and displays it for all to see. It even links up to your facebook and/or twitter so you can announce to the world when you are happy, sad, lying, or telling the truth.

Or if… um, for random example, you’re super pissed there’s a never ending storm going on in NYC right now, your clothing would show that emotion as well.


Andy Warhol Polaroids

Andy Warhol’s polaroids are on display at Danziger Projects here in New York. Anyone down?

What pottery sounds like.

via The Onion

How amazing would this be if it were true? How fucking amazing?!!

Coppola Returns!

Here’s the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s new film, Somewhere. Looks kind of like a Junior Lost in Translation, but in a good way. Bonus: the trailer features one of my favorite newer Phoenix songs, and what I’m thinking is a Little Joy cover of the Strokes, “You Only Live Once.” Double whammy!

Peep Shows!

It’s that time of year again in DC….Peep Shows! For the fourth year in a row, the Washington Post holds a Peeps Diarama Contest (Does your local paper do that? Didn’t think so.) This year they got over 1,000 entries! The winner is an “Up!” themed diarama, titled “Eep!” There were so many good ones, so I posted some favorites below, but be sure to click through the Post’s slideshow for more Peep wonders!


“Creating a Masterpeep”

“Sterling Coopeep”

“White House Party Peepers” (the crashers)

“Where the Wild Peeps Are”

“Super Peepio Brothers”

Thanks Melissa for pointing this out!

Can this be my life screen-saver?

Every time i get tired or my eyes glaze over, I’d like to just have a projection of lichtfront and grosse8’s “augmented sculpture” in front of my face.

Watch it here.

Via Designboom