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The Future of Fashion

This is a pretty remarkable fashion idea. It tracks what’s happening inside your body, and displays it for all to see. It even links up to your facebook and/or twitter so you can announce to the world when you are happy, sad, lying, or telling the truth.

Or if… um, for random example, you’re super pissed there’s a never ending storm going on in NYC right now, your clothing would show that emotion as well.


“We’re having New Age fun with a Vintage feel!”


Happy Cinco de Mayo.

All attendees must be wearing proper attire:

Hello, Fashion!

Third and Delaware might be my new favorite fashion blog. All Roseanne, all day long. Every episode’s fashion highlights are accounted for on this baby! Get it while it’s not hot!

Well, this photo is awkward.

Jean Paul Gaultier premiered his Fall 2010 boxing themed men’s runway show in Paris yesterday. For the finale, he walked the runway in similar makeup. This post-show photo op with Chris Brown proves to be particularly awkward. Yipes! (*tugs on collar*)

via WWD

Sooooooo Original

This might be old news, but I thought I should share. I was boot shopping (no surprise there) when I found two very similar identical boots (Steve Madden left, Anthropologie right). So, I did some research trying to figure out which came first, the chick or the egg. To no surprise at all I found out that Steve Madden has been sued by both Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen (See above). Neither of which seems to have deterred him from “finding inspiration.” I think Anthropologie should hop on that bus too. Decide for yourselves.