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Food in Real Life

The next time your hungry for something fast and quick you might want to check out this site just so you know what you’re really getting.  Be sure to check out the Hall of Shame too.  Happy lunch folks.


God’s gotta crack that whip, alright.

Director: “Ok. Adam? If you could just remove that ascot and give us one more take? Yea, that might work better. Aaaand, action!”

Oof. This guy even has a wedding ring on. Look’s like someone’s got faith-a-faith-a-faith!

Hollywood: Can we please not do this?

I believe a number of us blogfwends were pretty fanatical about the Swedish vampire masterpiece, Let the Right One In, and when we heard that there would be an American remake only a year after it’s release, we all collectively groaned. Only in America! But especially only in Hollywood! It seems it just keeps getting more and more Americanized! First, it was re-written and directed by Matt Reeves who directed Cloverfield (and a ton of episodes of Felicity). Ok. What’s really dissapointing to me is that child star Chloe Moretz (500 Days of Summer and Kick Ass) is playing Eli.

Yes, folks. This girl:

Will be playing this guy:

Ugh. How cute, she thinks the character is a girl: “And this girl that I play is much darker. She’s dirty. She doesn’t really bathe that much. She’s not glamorous. She’s just a girl that no one could care less about.” If this chick turns Eli (now named “Abby”) into the same smart-ass-beyond-her-years little sister she played in 500 Days, then I am going to be extremely dissapointed. And if there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s wise-beyond-their-years little kids in movies.

The only hope: this awesome kid from The Road

Will be playing this guy:

And if they don’t give him Oskar’s exact haircut, then somebody’s going to pay.

Jay-Z i love you, but I’m still not sure how i feel about all this..

So today was the groundbreaking on the new Barclays Center, new home to the Jay-Z’s  NJ Net’s. Who knew this was happening so fast?  It always just seemed like some far off possibility. As a lot of us fwends live pretty close to here,  it will be interesting to see how far the change in the area will stretch. I’m seeing overpriced gyro stands and sports bars that sell $10 beers in the future and it’s not pretty. All i know is that I’m thinking twice before making the trek to Target as this approaches…

Read more here.

“Honey…we don’t have to cry just because we love Justin Bieber”

“Yea we do…sometimes!”

Ugh, god. Girls these days are going to grow up to realize they had a monumental crush on a 15 year old boy who looked like a 30 year old lesbian. Boy are they in for a rude awakening. (also, the 4:12 mark is just incredible).

Also, this mom is a terrible person for taking this video of her daughter…AND she named her daughters Cody and Chayanne. Good luck to you all in the future!

The safe word is “JESUS”

Actually, there are no words that describe the level of talent coming from popular Christian band, Final Placement.

I’ll refrain from making too many jokes here because if I later read somewhere that he’s deaf (which is entirely possible), I’ll feel really bad.

watch the vid, yo.

Profile In Soulmate: Diane Keaton

Well, shit. I like Diane Keaton as an actress just as much (or maybe a little more…hello, First Wive’s Club!) as the next gal, but christ! She is way, way cooler than I thought. This month’s T Magazine Profile in Style follows Keaton, and this woman has some pretty impeccable taste.

Diane’s new obsession is: barns. Barns!

These are some of her pillows. I have been looking for pillows exactly like this! Di-ane!

She calls stuff like this “genius.” And she loves graphic quilts. Graphic quilts! I love graphic quilts!

This is the entryway into just one of her homes. Cool it, Keaton.

She likes dark wood, white walls, Roy McMakin architechture and she’s “mad for old type”.

Ugh, see for yourselves.