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Confidential Lindsey Lohan Courtroom Footage



Got her toes done up with her finger nails matchin’

It’s FRIDAY folks!  So go out, get your nails did with yo toes done up too! I came across this blog, it’s fun, check it out now get ready to party.  Below are some of my faves.


Jay-Z i love you, but I’m still not sure how i feel about all this..

So today was the groundbreaking on the new Barclays Center, new home to the Jay-Z’s  NJ Net’s. Who knew this was happening so fast?  It always just seemed like some far off possibility. As a lot of us fwends live pretty close to here,  it will be interesting to see how far the change in the area will stretch. I’m seeing overpriced gyro stands and sports bars that sell $10 beers in the future and it’s not pretty. All i know is that I’m thinking twice before making the trek to Target as this approaches…

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I want one in every color

JWOWW is now selling her fantastic signature shirt on her site.  She has her own clothing line folks.  Get ’em now, while supplies last.

Where were you 5 years ago?

Well, someone was on MTV’s Boiling Point looking rather normal… Collin you know you love her. Via here.