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Antiques Web Show, Vol. 58

ESG (Emerald, Saphire, Gold) are 3 sisters and 2 friends from South Bronx. They play, what sounds like, stripped-down disco-beat post-punk/hip-hop dance music. It was totally ahead of it’s time in my opinion, but the album is still considering a classic by those who are keeping score. It’s perfect for working as the hypnotic beat and the disco dream sirens call you to keep going… be that in dancing or working. Here’s 1983’s Come Away With ESG.


Antiques Web Show, Vol. 57

(Sah-mahn-day) is on of my favorite soul/funk bands. They have a very eclectic influence which spans from Calypso to African music to UK rock and it makes for a very interesting listen. Trust me. It’s good jams and you might recognize the song “Bra” as it’s been sampled about a zillion times.

Cymande – Cymande

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 56

Happy Friday the 13th. I’ve got another 80s gem for you guys on this beautiful day. These jangly-Power Pop guys knew how to craft a perfect 3 minute song. They were performing and songwriting along with Alex Chilton and members of Television and the influence definitely shows as the music sounds like their lovechild. Precise songwriting with direct melodies and harmonies. A classic- you won’t be disappointed.

The dBs – Stands For Decibels

A Bundle of Bowies

The Thin White Sketchbook is a series drawn by famous and not as famous people of David Bowie and collected by artist Sean T. Collins. Check it out, there’s a lot of cool ones. Makes me want to draw Bowie too.

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 55

Introducing The House of Love. A “Best Band That Never Made It” whose emergence followed the exit of The Smiths from the London scene in mid-80s UK before The JAMC and other northern bands took over the scene. These two records are jewels of a sort of “in-between” time. They find themselves somewhere between Echo & The Bunnymen and a lost pop-psych revivalist band: moody, yet jangly with a touch of free love at times. Either way they were a band with immense talent who never got the timing right.

These two albums are the band’s self-titled 1988 debut and the, originally, Germany-only singles compilation (also self-titled, confusingly, but since referred to as The German Album), which together are a one-two punch of some gems of songwriting that constantly confuse me as to why they aren’t of the same notoriety as their colleagues of the time.

The House of Love – The House of Love

The House of Love – The German Album