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Sweet Meat!

Spring is coming and you can get ready for your Bikini bod by slapping your thighs… and smiling. Thanks Katie for sending this to me.


MIB for Taco Bell!

You can now port you number to Google Voice.

Google is always keepin’ it real. Oh yeah, and there’s free text messaging.

Best thing ever.

Undercover is back for the Holidays

A.V. Club Undercover is doing a holiday edition. 10 Bands, 10 Songs, 2 Rules: It has to be a cover and somehow holiday related. The first is The Walkmen covering Lindsay Buckingham’s “Holiday Road.” It’s adorable.

Incase the emergency arises…

via Josh Kanter.


If anyone has been watching Children’s Hospital, they’ll be happy to know that Adult Swim has just picked up the spin-off fake-promo show NTSF:SD:SUV (National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle) for 12 episodes. Paul Scheer will be starring, writing, executive producing, and I think catering the craft services table for the show. Rob Riggle will be there too. Can’t wait.