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I went to school here.

And so did most of you…

FARMLAND! 1880! The site of Pratt Institute! Check out this and other old timey photos at Pratt’s flickr site (Ellie and I are doing it).


Service Alert

The Great Brooklyn Tornado Attack of 2010

blogfwends, IS EVERYONE OK? ARE WE ALL ACCOUNTED FOR? No one got hit by a flying cow (uh I mean rat?) or sucked up and brought far far away to..Cape Cod? OK GOOD. Now that that’s over, I’d like to bring your attention to that fact that this monster of a tornado has it’s own twitter? The internet is so fast.

you maybe have no heart if this doesn’t get you a little choked up.

Incredible Pratt commencement speech by miss Patti Smith. I’ll try not to think of our graduation day now.

Pratt Speakers

Hey folks!  Anna Wintour will be speaking at Pratt Institute.  She’s giving a lecture Monday April 19 at 6 pm in Memorial Hall Auditorium.  It’s free and open to the public.  E-mail for a reservation.  Via The Cut.

Jay-Z i love you, but I’m still not sure how i feel about all this..

So today was the groundbreaking on the new Barclays Center, new home to the Jay-Z’s  NJ Net’s. Who knew this was happening so fast?  It always just seemed like some far off possibility. As a lot of us fwends live pretty close to here,  it will be interesting to see how far the change in the area will stretch. I’m seeing overpriced gyro stands and sports bars that sell $10 beers in the future and it’s not pretty. All i know is that I’m thinking twice before making the trek to Target as this approaches…

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Dream House

Can we do a fwendcation in Portland this summer? Can we rent this tree house? No seriously, can we rent this fucking tree house?

 “Wilkinson Residence” created by Robert Harvey Oshatz.

(via Fubiz)