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Jeff Tweedy does Beyonce.


God’s gotta crack that whip, alright.

Director: “Ok. Adam? If you could just remove that ascot and give us one more take? Yea, that might work better. Aaaand, action!”

Oof. This guy even has a wedding ring on. Look’s like someone’s got faith-a-faith-a-faith!

White-hot moves.

Complements of miss Daniella Urdinlaiz.

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 46

Yeah. I love Paul McCartney. A lot. I think he’s a bit of a crazy asshole these days, but he made some bitchin’ tunes. here are:

McCartney & Ram (performed with Linda), The first two solo albums out of the beatles.

In order to make this post, I need to come clean about liking INXS

My favorite INXS song, covered by Beck’s Record Club. Pretty rad cover. Pretty cute moment when Annie Clark messes up the lyrics. Hey, it’s done in one take!

Bryan Safi hosts another gaytastic episode…

Check it out.

I never thought I’d actually hear myself say it…

but LOST is tonight and I’m totally excited.