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For Nerdy Organizational Nerds

SwissMiss and FictiveKin have come up with a clean, easy, and pretty “TeuxDeux” list that you access and update online! I know. I know. Calm down, everyone.

I’ve been using it for a few days, and I give it my organize-obsessed thumbs-up. There’s also an iphone app you can download to- so you can add and cross-off on the go.


I went to school here.

And so did most of you…

FARMLAND! 1880! The site of Pratt Institute! Check out this and other old timey photos at Pratt’s flickr site (Ellie and I are doing it).

One for every occasion

“A Comprehensive Glossary of Gifs”:

AAAHH – a reaction of elation to exciting news

Bitch, please – incredulous response to something that is outrageous, stupid, or false; can also be used in response to an unintimidating threat

Dead to me – hyperbolic expression of washing one’s hands of someone

Do not want (emphatic)

I need a drink – used as a reply to information that is too much to handle, stressful, or depressing

For many more, see Jezebel’s full list here.

Service Alert

This feels right to me.

Now that we’re on the topic of Freddie Mercury….

No. That’s not two photos of Queen’s awesome frontman. Sacha Baron Cohen (right) is set to play Mr. Mercury in an upcoming biopic. I think this could be good, kids.

{via Pitchfork}

Elizabeth: do not watch. Courtney: proceed.

Seriously. If you don’t like things touching eyeballs, you’re not going to like the below video of a worm crawling around IN an eyeball.

It’s pretty awesome though. Watch it here.

{via Gawker}