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Love your Meowtfit!

Apologies for this post’s title.

This might be old news but escape with me to the magical world of anthropomorphized animals, seen in United Bamboo’s 2010 preview calendar:




All of this made me think of this:


and this:


Which reminded me that we should all go on Nov. 25th to see this:


…and in case you were wondering what I was thinking of next, it was this:


Kittehs via Refinery29


No Sexuality



Sorry but I had to counteract the last post.

(via Cute Overload)

Hyper-Subtle Sexuality…

And now for something completely different.

EN-A6-Hitler EN-A6-SaddamEN-A6-Stalin

wow. Really Germany? REALLY? It’s just too fucking easy. Learn how to advertise.

(but i must say they look cool as shit. well played.)

you can also see the rediculous(ly sexual) tv ad here.

12-year-old Elizabeth is glowing right now

Rivers Cuomo sings “Viva La Vida”. Why couldn’t Rivers have had this much personality in the good old days of Weezer? All I got was a reclusive singer who hid in boxes and wore full stage makeup 24/7.


Subtle Sexuality

Subtle Sexuality is the girl group of a one Kelly Kapoor and Erin Hannon. Check out their music video featuring Nard Dog and Ryan the Temp.

Picture 19


Lacoste Momentum Launch. SUPER FUN~!

So today is the official launch of Lacoste Momentum of a project that a few of my insanely talented coworkers have spent the past few months putting together. I’m not going to ruin it for you in this sad little paragraph, so get on your internets box and play on the sites!

Picture 15

Think about it…

Picture 14