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Woody is about to bring it again.

Am I the only one excited about this movie?


Little Obama

Any questions?

via HMP Northington

The World Cup is coming!

And we get this awesome commercial to mark the momentous occasion (to everyone but us Americans).

Noel Gallagher + Ian Brown + Jay Baruchel + Daft Punk + Snoop Dog + Mos Eisley Cantina + Adidas = (watch vid below)

Googs gots support

Happy Olympics Day. 

Just think of all those athletes who have been training their whole lives just to blow out their knee right before the finish line… whaa whaa.

Japanese animals really have restraint.

Well hello Mr. Senator!…and wife!

Scott Brown, circa 1982 Cosmo


Check out Gail Huff’s (Brown’s wife) own foray into pop culture in the 1980’s with her starring role in Digney Fingus’ music video for their single, “The Girl With the Curious Hand”. You heard that right.

Tucker Blair: A giant Waspy barf.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Tucker Blair. NYMag’s The Cut blog did a little writeup on this brand, and I couldn’t help but share. Needlepoint lobster headbands? Needlepoint snowman belts? Needlepoint American flag dog collars? This is the last thing America needs. And that name? Worse than Vineyard Vines. Can we all agree that this stuff just shouldn’t exist outside of Cape Cod? Yea? Ok thanks!