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Lorem Ipsum Has Officially Evolved.

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Historical Hotties

Bangable Dudes in History is a blog that not only digs up the best looking dead historians but uses pie charts to dissect their hotness.

And you were there! And you were there! And you, Busey… you were there too!

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SO Fresh!

Check out these classic old Seventeen covers I stumbled upon. I kid you not, I owned each one of these at one point. They lived in a stack directly next to my stack of YM issues. Glory days!

Take a look through the headlines. They remind me of such important pre-teen questions as, “Who will inherit Leo’s throne”?? And, “The sorta boyfriend: do you have one?!” Well, do you!? (I didn’t).

They also tackled such serious issues as “What it’s like to be the fat girl” and “i hate my sister!” Seventeen really wasn’t afraid to go rogue back then. Tough issues, tough answers.

Halloween 2010!

Everyone post up their photos of their costumes and what you were dressed as:

Collin: Nepali

Daniella: Daria

Skunk! Thank you white duct tape. I’m kind of bummed you can’t see the full effect of the giant rat’s nest of hair I made on the top of my head.

Attn Blogfwends: use this for reference when my time comes.

Peter Saville designed this beautiful gravestone for Tony Wilson. Wilson was the creator of Factory Records which put out some bands like Joy Division and New Order, which Saville designed most of the album covers for. Anyways, beautiful.

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Awesome- Nay, Awesomest Video Evar.

Space, boobies, sparklers, and assorted random wierd shit. Thank you El Guincho (And Collin for getting me this album).