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Thundercats remake.

I’m a bit hesitant to embrace it… but 4°C does pretty decent work. I’ll bet Snarf is still lame as ever. It also got me thinking. Why the hell is a Mummy fighting cat-humanoids?


Daniella Urdinlaiz: Animatress

I just realized I never posted Daniella’s hand drawn animations. Here are a few:

Watch at Vimeo here.

Henry’s Voice acting debut:


So, I wasn’t the only one…

Let me first say, that I really enjoyed Avatar aaand will most likely see it again. However, I could not help but think about Fern Gully throughout the whole movie and maybe this is why, below is a little mash up video (SPOILER ALERT… sort of). By the way, I still have Fern Gully on VHS if anyone wants to borrow it.

Monday Morning

I’m a little hungover today so I’ve been staring at these mesmerizing animated gifs by David Ope. You can see more of them (along with some other neat things) on his Tumblr blog.

Shiny Suds

Method, the well designed, eco-friendly cleaning product line has just come out with a hilariously creepy viral that sheds light on the harsh chemicals in other cleaning products. The viral leads to a good cause by making it easy for you to sign a petition to pass the Household Product Labeling Act, which lets consumers know exactly what chemicals they’re scrubbing with. Similar to the giant toxin labels you now see on cigarette packs. Fantastic idea! (And conceived / art directed by my lovely roommate Amanda Clelland.)

Pass it on!

LOVE LOVE LOVE: Jookabox’s You Cried Me

Everything about this video/song is perfect. Dark but fun, poppy and energetic. Totally made my day. Listen to the whole album at MBV.

(via it’s nice that)