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Antiques Web Show, Vol. 41 (Bitchin’ Broads Edn.)

These rockin’ ladies don’t need any introduction. Here are heart’s first two albums.

Dreamboat Annie

Little Queen

Keep on rockin’ you crazy dames.


Patti Smith is a delight.

Patti Smith on the 80’s show Kids Are People Too.

Moms on Facebook…

are really damaging to my cousin’s psuedo-indie-emo cred.

(Colton, if you read this. I’m sorry.)

Welcome back.


Antiques Web Show, Vol. 40 (New Zealand Edn.)

Hey guys! Here are two records from New Zealand’s “Dunedin Sound” of the 80s characterized by jangly guitars and minimal bass lines. Both bands have very distinct sounds, yet sound like they were coming from the same place. New Zealanders and music? Who knew?

The Chills

The Clean

Happy 420!