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Work it out

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get rid of all that winter insulation.  Here’s a new concept for a great workout outfit.  This shirt is guaranteed to help you push those times you just want to end your work out early.  Original Here.


SO Fresh!

Check out these classic old Seventeen covers I stumbled upon. I kid you not, I owned each one of these at one point. They lived in a stack directly next to my stack of YM issues. Glory days!

Take a look through the headlines. They remind me of such important pre-teen questions as, “Who will inherit Leo’s throne”?? And, “The sorta boyfriend: do you have one?!” Well, do you!? (I didn’t).

They also tackled such serious issues as “What it’s like to be the fat girl” and “i hate my sister!” Seventeen really wasn’t afraid to go rogue back then. Tough issues, tough answers.

Pratt Speakers

Hey folks!  Anna Wintour will be speaking at Pratt Institute.  She’s giving a lecture Monday April 19 at 6 pm in Memorial Hall Auditorium.  It’s free and open to the public.  E-mail for a reservation.  Via The Cut.

An Urban Outfitters Wedding

That’s right folks Urban Outfitters will now make wedding gowns.  I’m not really sure how I feel about this, it just seems weird to me.  Hipster and hipster wannabes will be buying half a yard of lace fabric combined with a white leather mini skirt and calling a dress that can only fit a 10 year old boy. These brides are now being called bridesters!  Via The Cut.

Holy shit, Setareh Mohtarez!

I haven’t seen clothes as exciting as this in a long time! Literal dream wardrobe here, folks.

Beautiful garments by Setareh Mohtarez.

I want one in every color

JWOWW is now selling her fantastic signature shirt on her site.  She has her own clothing line folks.  Get ’em now, while supplies last.

Come ON, retouchers! “Spot What’s Missing” take 2.

Emma Watson has two legs. Two! Another photoshop travesty, this time courtesy of Burberry’s new campaign with Emma Watson and her babe of a brother. Still, at least it’s not as bad as this one.

Via NYMag