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Jodorowsky’s Dune: The epic that was never made

In 1976 cult Chilean filmmaker, Alejandro Jororowsky, was slated to direct an adapatation of Frank Herbert’s SciFi epic, Dune. Following the release of his mystical Western ‘El Topo’ (1970) and the more psychedelic ‘Holy Mountain’, Jodorowsky attempted to bring ‘Dune’ pto life, garnering talented artists including the French comics artist Moebius, the Swiss artist H.R. Giger (who made the iconic design in ‘Alien’), the British sci-fi artist Chris Foss and the British band Pink Floyd, who would provide the soundtrack. Among Jodorowsky’s rumored cast were Orson Welles, Mick Jagger  and Salvador Dali as Emperor Shaddam IV. Not being able to get the money to produce the movie the way he wanted, Jodorowsky abandoned the project. All that survives of this project is Jodorowsky’s extensive notes, and the production drawings of Moebius, Giger and Foss.


2 Days until the biggest meal of your life

If your like me and it still hasn’t hit you that Thanksgiving is this Thursday, well get ready cause it’s almost here.  Here are some hand turkeys, enjoy.

A Bundle of Bowies

The Thin White Sketchbook is a series drawn by famous and not as famous people of David Bowie and collected by artist Sean T. Collins. Check it out, there’s a lot of cool ones. Makes me want to draw Bowie too.

Daniella Urdinlaiz: Animatress

I just realized I never posted Daniella’s hand drawn animations. Here are a few:

Watch at Vimeo here.

Henry’s Voice acting debut:

Wet Dreams

You can now record your awesome brilliant fantastic ground-breaking ideas the VERY MINUTE you’re thinking of them, while scrubbing your dirty self in the shower. I, however, will use this to leave stupid notes for my other roommates that follow me in the morning shower routine.

You can also buy AquaLoveNotes which is the same product but with a STEAMY red pencil.

Thursday Morning Pick-Me Up

I totally need it and these Infographics by lunchbreath are doing the job. I know these have made the internet rounds but I just rediscovered them and they’re still hilarious. Deal with it.

The Lines

The life and times of two lines. A micro-comic by James Taylor.