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Woody is about to bring it again.

Am I the only one excited about this movie?


Jodorowsky’s Dune: The epic that was never made

In 1976 cult Chilean filmmaker, Alejandro Jororowsky, was slated to direct an adapatation of Frank Herbert’s SciFi epic, Dune. Following the release of his mystical Western ‘El Topo’ (1970) and the more psychedelic ‘Holy Mountain’, Jodorowsky attempted to bring ‘Dune’ pto life, garnering talented artists including the French comics artist Moebius, the Swiss artist H.R. Giger (who made the iconic design in ‘Alien’), the British sci-fi artist Chris Foss and the British band Pink Floyd, who would provide the soundtrack. Among Jodorowsky’s rumored cast were Orson Welles, Mick Jagger  and Salvador Dali as Emperor Shaddam IV. Not being able to get the money to produce the movie the way he wanted, Jodorowsky abandoned the project. All that survives of this project is Jodorowsky’s extensive notes, and the production drawings of Moebius, Giger and Foss. is selling a David-Bowie-Hair hat.

I cannot look at this “hat” and not think of Labyrinth.

buy it here, if you dare.


Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Tron remake? Daft Punk soundtrack and what appears to be a massive special effects budget… how can it fail?

How about a hat tip to the original? Watch the trailer from 1982. We’ve come a long way, folks:

When is Zoolander 2 coming out?

According to the internets, not until 2012. It makes me happy to know they’re working on it. But to tide us over, here’s a cool story, Hansel:

Movie Quotes!

I love these posters almost as much as I love movie quotes.


Katie, have you seen Goonies yet?

(see all the posters by Jerod Gibson here.)

This feels right to me.

Now that we’re on the topic of Freddie Mercury….

No. That’s not two photos of Queen’s awesome frontman. Sacha Baron Cohen (right) is set to play Mr. Mercury in an upcoming biopic. I think this could be good, kids.

{via Pitchfork}