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Work it out

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get rid of all that winter insulation.  Here’s a new concept for a great workout outfit.  This shirt is guaranteed to help you push those times you just want to end your work out early.  Original Here.



Fwends! I’m baaaack… Apologies for being MIA on the blog posting front.

I want to learn to do this (in slow motion like this):

Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

The World Cup is coming!

And we get this awesome commercial to mark the momentous occasion (to everyone but us Americans).

Noel Gallagher + Ian Brown + Jay Baruchel + Daft Punk + Snoop Dog + Mos Eisley Cantina + Adidas = (watch vid below)

Giving Up the Gun

By now you may have seen the new video for Vampire Weekend’s second single, “Giving Up the Gun” but watch it again anyway! Where else are you going to see a tennis match with Jake Gyllenhaal, RZA, Lil Jon, and a Jonas Brother.

Courtney and Andrew…what do you say we get RZA to ref our next tennis match?


One of Liz’ and my new year’s resolutions was to HIGH FIVE MORE OFTEN. These guys are on fire. If you like it, they have others you should check out. I. Cannot. Get. Enough.


Googs gots support

Happy Olympics Day. 

Just think of all those athletes who have been training their whole lives just to blow out their knee right before the finish line… whaa whaa.

You might need this too

Bill Murray. Why not!