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I’m lovin’ it! AH!!!!!!


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Subway Etiquette

I post this for all those annoying subway riders- you know who you are.  This comes from artist Jay Shells.  I really wish these were real AND mandatory.  Jay said this about his posters:

“I surveyed 100 people on their top pet-peeves (not service related) while riding the Subway. I narrowed the results down to the top ten most occurring issues and rewrote them as a sort of list of rules. I designed posters in the style of the Service Changes posters we see everyday and silkscreened about 40 of each (400 total) and am currently putting them up on trains throughout the city, throughout this week. I encourage people to look out for them, and to take them before the MTA does.”

Here are two of my personal faves, for more check out his site above.

Ozzy is such a badass.

Ozzy spent an afternoon at the Wax Museum scaring the shit out of people. What a smart promotion for his new album:

which you can buy on 6/22 here.

Jet Blue, you are good.

Let’s be thankful we don’t live in Kentucky or some shit, because today Jet Blue is handing out free flight vouchers all over Manhattan. Remember when they did a month of unlimited flying for $599? I like where they’re going with this whole promotions thing.

It’s almost enough for me to forgive the assholes for charging $7 for a pillow/blanket. Almost.

Keep it up, JB.

Banana Yo Face

I didn’t know I was sick of Chaquita’s branding until I saw this. Created by the lovely DJ Neff.


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Old Spice ad

Smarter Planet Icon Set

Last week I did some work for IBM‘s new “Smarter Planet” campaign, and came across their absolutely beautiful new icon set. Enjoy!