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Antiques Web Show, Vol. 67

Hey dudes. I’ve got the day off today and I’ve been rocking this album on repeat. I figured it’s not fair to deprive you guys of one of the few punk masterpieces ever.  These guys pioneered post-punk that still actually sounded punk. Utilizing melodies and complicated song structures set them apart from Bands like Sonic Youth at the time and influenced dozens of bands of the late 80s and into the 90s (Nirvana being the biggest having gone on to cover many Wipers songs.) I hope you all dig 1983’s Wipers – Over The Edge


Dylan Photo Bomb

According to Funny or Die, these were taken at Dragon Con. As much as I want to focus on the fact that Dylan is in these photos, I can’t get out of my head what the hallways of Dragon Con must have looked like, given the looks of the people he’s posing with.

Mark this down as my mean post, I don’t care. I have to share these with my fwends.

(please note above, that this Kelly Taylor stand-in is  Team Jacob.)

When is Zoolander 2 coming out?

According to the internets, not until 2012. It makes me happy to know they’re working on it. But to tide us over, here’s a cool story, Hansel:


I guess we’re just glossing right over the unskinned metal abominations that sci-fi always promised.

Workplace Tomfoolery

My coworker Julio Palmer, animated gif master, has been working on this all week in lieu of actually working. Well done, SP, well done.

Movie Quotes!

I love these posters almost as much as I love movie quotes.


Katie, have you seen Goonies yet?

(see all the posters by Jerod Gibson here.)

Life Stuff

Like Sue-Ellen Crandell, fake it til ya make it, folks!