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Sober February, Day 2

As far as I know, Collin and I are the only blogfwends attempting Sober February. I doubt I’ll make it for the entire month, but every day counts.

Not that I’m thinking about it nonstop, but I decided to google “I’m drunk” and these are some of my results I thought I’d share:

and my personal favorite:



Thoughts on this, guys?

I’m lovin’ it! AH!!!!!!


(via Gawker)

Who cares about the announcement of #NewTwitter when we’re also getting things like THIS?

I cannot wrap my head around what deep fried beer will taste like. I cannot imagine how a water-like liquid won’t pour out and burn the crap out of your mouth. I cannot understand why it doesn’t explode in the frier due to carbonation and pressure and other science-y things I’ve never understood.

But alas, I don’t care.

Ladies and Gentlemen….. DEEP FRIED BEER.

Psychic Drinking Glass

This blew my mind. Then I read how it’s done, and now I just feel stupid for not thinking of it.

The pattern appears to be random, but indeed it is not. When you fill the glass with different colors, it reveals the label.

Why doesn’t my brain work like Cipher’s?

BP Spills Coffee

UCB Comedy nailed this. Give it a viewing, wouldya?

It’s Friday!