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#WINNING!!! (The Charlie Sheen Soundboard)


You Need to Eat a Sandwich.

I’m aware this is not a food blog but bear with me for a moment.

The sandwich shop next to the Ace Hotel is phenomenal. I know you’ve probably read this before because it’s all the rage on the blogs these days… but ladies and gents, I just ate it for the first time.


And No. 7 Sub is so good that I don’t care if it’s on the other blogs, we need to talk about it on this one too.

I ordered the Brussel Sprout Sandwich, I’ve been dying to try it ever since I read about it. But two bites into it I realized they mistakingly gave me the Eggplant Sandwich. I did not care. It was perfection. I will just have to go back and get that Brussel Sprout Sammy tomorrow.

Has anyone else tried this place? DAMN.

These are not free.

























Awkward Stock Photos. People pay for these?!?!

Inappropriate laughs are the best laughs.

British comedy about terrorists that are really really bad at being terrorists. Possibly one of the darkest comedies I’ve ever seen, also one of the funniest. Go see it! Angelika!

Thanks, Ray Ray!

Incase you guys are in the mood to challenge your culinary skills this Thanksgiving, here’s a recipe for Pineapple Slices, courtesy of this girl:

I recommend you get a good night’s rest before taking on this project. Pineapple Slices can go way wrong if you don’t pay close attention to each step.

I’ve taken the liberty of posting the actual recipe, incase clicking on a link is something you struggle with:

“Quarter the pineapple lengthwise. Using a thin, sharp knife cut core away from each wedge by making a shallow slice the length of the pineapple. Follow the skinof the pineapple and cut the fruit away from it using your knife, keeping the green tops attached. Next, cut pineapple into 1/2-inch slices. Each quarter pineapple will now hold several wedges. Separate fruit by sliding wedges alternately to the left then to the right. Each completed pineapple serving will look like a boat filled with the fruit slices.”

If you manage to not fuck this up, your finished dish should look something like this:

I know I can’t handle something this advanced, so I’m not even going to try. But if anyone else does, and it works out, please tell us about it in the comments section of this post!

p.s. The comments about this recipe on the Food Network’s site are pretty funny.

Hoarders: a little bit obsessed

I hate to follow such a lighthearted and funny posted with something so heavy, but I just can’t stop thinking about this and I must share.  Yesterday, AMNY wrote a small article on hoarders in NY.  If you don’t already know I have a slight facsincation/obsession with hoarders (Hoarders: Burried Alive, Hoarders, and Animal Hoarders – I watch it all).  Maybe it’s because I’m a neat-freak organized perfectionist and cannot even remotely comprend how someone can let their home become such a mess.  Of course, I’ve already known about the famous mother/daughter “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” Beale.  If you haven’t already seen the documentry Grey Garden’s you need to Netflix that instantly, Little Edie is divine.  However, in this article AMNY highlighted the two famous hoarding brother’s that I had never heard of, the Collyer brothers.  I immediately googled them and found numerous articles, not to mention the many books that have been written about them (which I plan on reading next).  They were known for their excentric lifestyle and hoarding, which ultimately led to the demise of these two recluses.  The older brother, Langley was first killed by one of his booby traps in their apartment.  He was bringing food to his older brother, Homer, who was blind- Langley fed Homer 100 oranges a week, believing this would eventually cure his blindness.  He also saved newspapers and magazines for Homer to read upon regaining his sight.  However, Homer never regained his sight and died of starvation shortly after Langley’s death.  After the police had been notified of a dead body in the apartment they first discovered Homer, but Langley was nowhere to be found.  The police searched for him as far as Atlantic city, eventually they discovered Langley’s body after three weeks and only 10 feet away from the spot in which Homer’s body had been found.  The police removed 134 tons of garbage from the apartment include 14 pianos (both upright and baby grand), human organs in pickle jars, 8 cats, more than 25,000 books, collection of guns, the folding top of a horse-drawn carriage, and more.

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