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THIS was my Jam.

Oh holy crap. I’ve actually been thinking about (my personal) seminal favorite video game, Toe Jam and Earl lately, and then I find this!

Now let’s take another trip down memory lane and revisit their highly funky, toe-tapping (remember Earl’s toe-tap and eyebrow-lift?) intro.  Seinfeld beats got nooothin on this intro:

All this excitement led me to revisit my second favorite Sega jam, Streets of Rage 2! Totally forgot about this cover. Blaze’s rack was not very kid-friendly. Or was it?


To get a leg up on Christmas…

Happy Festivus, everyone.

The idea for the Seinfeld episode is traced back to writer Daniel O’Keefe, who later published a book, The Real Festivus, detailing how Festivus was an actual holiday created by his father. In an online Q&A with readers of the Washington Post this week, O’Keefe explains that though Frank Costanza observes Festivus on December 23rd, “the significance of that was we chose it randomly. The Frank Costanza line was ‘to get a leg up on Christmas.’ In real life it was celebrated whenever the hell my dad felt like it, September to May. One year there was none. One year, there were two.”

*via Gothamist