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The internet never forgets

Remember that folks… Robin Sparkels knows.  Unfortunately, this blog I found doesn’t seem to update that much but what they do have is pure gold.  Here are a few faves.  Plus a really awesome video of Paul Rudd as a dj.



#WINNING!!! (The Charlie Sheen Soundboard)

One for every occasion

“A Comprehensive Glossary of Gifs”:

AAAHH – a reaction of elation to exciting news

Bitch, please – incredulous response to something that is outrageous, stupid, or false; can also be used in response to an unintimidating threat

Dead to me – hyperbolic expression of washing one’s hands of someone

Do not want (emphatic)

I need a drink – used as a reply to information that is too much to handle, stressful, or depressing

For many more, see Jezebel’s full list here.

You’re a Coppola for fuck’s sake!

So Nic Cage is going to be burying in this 9-foot-tall pyramid in a New Orleans cemetery. That’s totally normal, right?

Get your shit together, Nic Cage!

Charity Buzz round-up!

I think i’ve posted about Charity Buzz before, but I totally forgot about it until i somehow ended up there today. Rich people do the darnest things! Though, I think there is something strange about the pricing system…

Martha! I’ve always dreamed of tip toeing through tulips with you. But for $20,000 they best be made of GOLD.


I am confused about why someone named who is aka DR. DOOM is the most expensive on this site. Thoughts?

This might just be worth it.

I can only imagine…

This Just In

(photograph by Mitch Gage)

Those are some smokin’ sunglasses

New gaga video.  The first time I watched it was at work with the sound off and it felt like I was watching a soft porn titled Thelma and Louise Steal the Pussy Wagon