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Fatty Fridays: Major Girl Crush



Oh man. This lady makes delicious, beautiful food and delicious beautiful clothing and manages to take amazing photos of it all. My mind is totally blown. I can’t even descibe how good it is. You just have to look for yourself.




Fwiday Foos

This guy:


just covered these guys:

Picture 39

and you should listen to it here:

Glen Campbell – Times Like These

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 2


This is one of my favorite bands. They were sort of popular in the latter half of the 80s, yet almost no one knows who they are. This album is marvelous.

Get it here.

Holi crap!

Ever since taking a Bollywood class at Pratt, I’ve been really fascinated by the Indian holiday, Holi (Festival of Colors). Any holiday that involves a) dancing in the streets b) throwing powdered pigments of bright colors at eachother and c) losing one’s inhibitions, sounds like a pretty goddamn good time to me. Holi also marks the welcoming of Spring and good triumphing over evil. Epic! Check out these amazing photos I saw from the Boston Globe (I know, it was last March, but better late than never). Let’s go next year! InDia SpRinG BrEaK 2k9!!!

Picture 4Picture 2Picture 3Picture 5

“GENIUS KID SAVES WORLD”… so it should read.

So this teenage kid just solved the problem of long decomposition periods in almost all commercial plastics. And he’s still in highschool.



Thanks to Mr. Henry Marshall Preston Northington for the find.

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Picture 36

With Friends Like These…


Karin Bubaš is a Canadian artist whose recent show “With Friends Like These…” is a collection of soft pastel drawings of characters from The Hills. Awesome! She also takes some beautiful photographs and her previous drawings were of characters on Dynasty. Read an interview with her on jbrecords.