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Gary Coleman

It was reported 7 minutes ago that Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42.

I remember hearing a story about him getting pulled over  because the cop thought a kid was out driving his dad’s truck. When Coleman got out of the car, the cop discovered that he had been sitting on phone books.

Here’s to you, GC.


Ozzy is such a badass.

Ozzy spent an afternoon at the Wax Museum scaring the shit out of people. What a smart promotion for his new album:

which you can buy on 6/22 here.

Home Alone.

While the rest of the Blogfwend crew is out on vaca, I’ll be holdin’ down the fort from a third island: Miami Beach. So if you read our blog because of the design and music posts… you might want to take a little vaca of your own till they get back on Tuesday.

Have fun on the island, Fwends! Take another pic to post, wouldya?

Blogfwends are on vacation!

So long, New York! We’re trading you in for another island. We’ll be back on Tuesday, after we kick off the beginning of summer right…

Actually…our vacation will look something more like this:

Enjoy the long weekend!

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 45 (Sayonara Edn.)

This tragic figure needs no introduction, but if you aren’t that familiar, you obviously don’t watch TV as his music is ravaged in every goddamn commercial from tampoons to shamwows.

And since we’re going out of town, let’s let our music transform our lives into a Volkswagon commercial. Hot Summer nights… sunroofs… maybe a party lit only by Christmas lights… an obligatory shot of the moon reflected in a body of water. Yeah.. something like that.

His all-time masterpiece, recorded just before his suicide, is Pink Moon. He culled the orchestrated pieces, stripped the music down to only a low-tuned guitar and whisper. Beautiful.

So yeah, enjoy. And I’ll see you at the top!

Five Leaves Left

Bryter Layter

Pink Moon


the Ultimate Nerdy Graphic Designer Vay-cay

The Pantone Hotel opened up in Belgium. And is a part of the ever expanding Pantone world that all of us designers are (forced) to live in. The hotel has 7 floors, each inspired by a different color palette.

Dear Pantone-

Maybe instead of making a hotel, you can invest in expanding your color palette.

You own my soul. -KP