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#WINNING!!! (The Charlie Sheen Soundboard)


I’m lovin’ it! AH!!!!!!


(via Gawker)

Handsy McHandserson is a Whack Job.

You can’t write this stuff…

…but thank the Lord you can spoof it:

These are not free.

























Awkward Stock Photos. People pay for these?!?!



Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Tron remake? Daft Punk soundtrack and what appears to be a massive special effects budget… how can it fail?

How about a hat tip to the original? Watch the trailer from 1982. We’ve come a long way, folks:

When is Zoolander 2 coming out?

According to the internets, not until 2012. It makes me happy to know they’re working on it. But to tide us over, here’s a cool story, Hansel: