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NASA is badass apparently.

At least that’s supposed to be the takeaway from this new ad:

Thanks to M. Fisher

*Edit: I’ve just been informed by Fisher that it’s not actually an official NASA ad, but it totally should be.

Sober February, Day 2

As far as I know, Collin and I are the only blogfwends attempting Sober February. I doubt I’ll make it for the entire month, but every day counts.

Not that I’m thinking about it nonstop, but I decided to google “I’m drunk” and these are some of my results I thought I’d share:

and my personal favorite:

And you were there! And you were there! And you, Busey… you were there too!

(via Beau Unruh)


Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Tron remake? Daft Punk soundtrack and what appears to be a massive special effects budget… how can it fail?

How about a hat tip to the original? Watch the trailer from 1982. We’ve come a long way, folks:

Awesome- Nay, Awesomest Video Evar.

Space, boobies, sparklers, and assorted random wierd shit. Thank you El Guincho (And Collin for getting me this album).


Time to Rainblowyourload

I know. The title is a stretch. But this guy just did…

Stoked on Summer.

A few favorites from an epic summertime imagery post by Secret Forts. Can’t help but share, they warm my summertime heart! Listen to this while you scroll.