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Video game car


Dictating must really take it out of you.

The Future of Fashion

This is a pretty remarkable fashion idea. It tracks what’s happening inside your body, and displays it for all to see. It even links up to your facebook and/or twitter so you can announce to the world when you are happy, sad, lying, or telling the truth.

Or if… um, for random example, you’re super pissed there’s a never ending storm going on in NYC right now, your clothing would show that emotion as well.

You can now port you number to Google Voice.

Google is always keepin’ it real. Oh yeah, and there’s free text messaging.

real life



Check out this blog for images of human (and often animal) life caught on Google street view. It’s really incredible.


I guess we’re just glossing right over the unskinned metal abominations that sci-fi always promised.

Life Stuff

Like Sue-Ellen Crandell, fake it til ya make it, folks!