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Video game car


NASA is badass apparently.

At least that’s supposed to be the takeaway from this new ad:

Thanks to M. Fisher

*Edit: I’ve just been informed by Fisher that it’s not actually an official NASA ad, but it totally should be.

“Myah, see?!”

Check out these awesome mug shots from the 20s. via Awesome Robo.

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 86

I was just reminded of how awesome this album is. It’s a riff-heavy powerhouse of blistering 70s rock n’ roll. Freddy Mercury at his best genre-bending melodies and brian may’s bizarre song structures. Enjoy 1974’s Sheer Heart Attack.

MIB for Taco Bell!

Classic GIFs

Check ’em all out at If we don’t, remember me.

Thanks to C. Douglas.

Antiques Web Show, Vol. 85

As I’ll be gone for the rest of the week I’m posting a little early. I figure since I’ll be enjoying Texas, you guys should be too. The band wasn’t yet Wilco and wasn’t from Texas, but they recorded this wonderful alt-country album right in the heart of Austin. I hope you enjoy “The Long Cut” while I’m gone and think of the stars at night that are big and bright. Here’s Uncle Tupelo’s 1993 great: Anodyne