The little things… there’s nothing bigger?

Just a little mid-week pick me up.  Since it still doesn’t feel like spring 100% of the time, here are few awesome moments that you can look forward to.  For more check out Little Things.











NASA is badass apparently.

At least that’s supposed to be the takeaway from this new ad:

Thanks to M. Fisher

*Edit: I’ve just been informed by Fisher that it’s not actually an official NASA ad, but it totally should be.

Historical Hotties

Bangable Dudes in History is a blog that not only digs up the best looking dead historians but uses pie charts to dissect their hotness.

Oh, WordPress… you’re so funny

Well you can’t photoshop your ugly personality

Entertaining iChat bubbles

Sweet Meat!

Spring is coming and you can get ready for your Bikini bod by slapping your thighs… and smiling. Thanks Katie for sending this to me.

Smile… or don’t

Check out this blog Things with Faces. Definitely puts a smile on my face… ok that was super cheesy but kind of true.